Create CalNet ID

This page is for creating a new self-selected CalNet ID using a token that has been issued to you by a CalNet deputy who has verified your identity in person.

In the form below, you are asked to supply the ID for which your token was issued and the token itself (two strings of digits separated by the slash character ("/")).   Then, you must choose your new CalNet ID and a passphrase that is the secret information which will identify you uniquely to the CalNet authentication service.

Because of the critical role your passphrase plays in establishing your online identity, it is important for you to keep it secret.  Also, someone else shouldn't be able to guess it easily.  Accordingly, it is necessary that your passphrase satisfy the CalNet Passphrase Requirements.

Please choose your CalNet ID carefully. When your campus email account is created the CalNet ID, followed by, will become your new email address.


Choose a CalNet ID:
(See CalNet ID Requirements)
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Choose a passphrase:
(See CalNet Passphrase Requirements
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Don't forget your passphrase;  you're the only one who knows it!   If you do forget it, you must go to a CalNet deputy, or to the Cal 1 Card Office in 180 Cesar Chavez Center, and present identification (including your employee or affiliate ID), so that you can be issued a new token.